Nation-Tech Sdn. Bhd apart being a known local IT products distributor, is also a well recognised ‘system builder’ for personal computers and notebooks. Nation-Tech Sdn. Bhd. is also capable of delivering large quantities of personal computers or notebooks with specified / customised configurations for local or overseas projects.
The four branches of Nation-Tech Sdn. Bhd. a respectively situated in strategic states and towns of Malaysia such as : Batu Pahat – a thriving and busy town, Johor Bahru – southern most busy state and getway to Singapore, Butterworth – one of the northern heavily industrilised town and Kota Kinabalu – one of East Malaysia’s busy commercial cum tourist capital in Sabah.
Under the umbrella of Nation-Tech Sdn. Bhd. there are SEPOMs Technology Sdn. Bhd. [] conducting the bulk of distribution activities on a home grown brand : SEPOMs. It is a much sought-after brand of quality refill-ink, cartridges and refill technology for desk-jet and ink-jet printers including photo papers with water resistance quality and different chemically treated finishing resulting in quality effects catering to different requirement usage, commonly used in the market. The R and D activities, in the improvement, enhancement and innovation of the said products and methods in the related print and imaging industry in Malaysia, is strongly propelled by its sister company called SEPOMs MSC Sdn. Bhd. an MSC status company.
Another company under the Nation-Tech Sdn. Bhd. umbrella is Nation-Tech Hyundai Sdn. Bhd. []. This company is being specifically established to handle the bulk of distribution of a regional brand of notebooks and personal computers and accessories under the banner of Hyundai Corporation (Korean origin brand). The IT products are further categorised being into M-Life series consisting of models notebooks, personal computers, crt monitors, lcd monitors and a complete digital home media centre concept products. While E-Life series will consist of a rather complete range of computer accessories and peripherals.
Nation-Tech Sdn. Bhd. will focus on the distribution of a list of IT products such as : Gigabyte Motherboards, graphic cards, optical drives, wireless LAN products, Kworld (V-Stream) for TV Tuner, video editing and multimedia concept solutions gadgets. Likom CRT and LCD monitors, ATX casing c/w power supply units of reliable calibrations, ………..and the list of product keep on increasing and enhancing.